We are a privately held Los Angeles based company that helps the immigrant community. Regardless of your gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, ability, or nationality, all people, from any country or state, can access our settlement and immigration services.

​The company was founded by immigrants! We draw on our own experience and the experience of nearly a million members of our immigrant community, who have overcome many migration difficulties and came up with solutions to the common problems people face when moving abroad. We've created our quality services, so newcomers like you can relocate and settle affordably and with ease. It makes us a unique, one of a kind, distinctive immigration company like no other!

 We are very happy to greed you on our page and welcome to the United States of America!

You have just made the first very important step towards your successful and peaceful stress-free life in the new country by finding us.

 We value our reputation among foreign population in the United States. Your comfortable immigration process is our primary goal. Our company's members are with you from the very beginning of your journey to the very end, until you are fully settled and enjoying quality life in the land-of-liberty. We are your mom/ your wife/ husband or best friend, we take a good care of each client and go beyond their expectations, with us you will overcome difficulties that you might face throughout your life in America.

 The company's strategies and services have been developed based on the needs, dreams and experiences of immigrants, as well as valuable advice to become better for you! We work hard, continue to grow and improve our services to serve you in the best possible way, because we know how hard it is to leave your home country and start living from scratch in a new environment! You are our true inspiration!

 Let's face it, immigration isn't easy! Especially if you are moving all alone or, even worse, to a country where you do not know anyone, in the end you do not know where to look for help. A lot of work comes once you arrive to America which can go months and months for you to get fully settled. No job, no house, no English, no understanding of the whole American system, that's overwhelming! "iNHelp" offers various services that immigrants are in need as only they reach the US. 
Moreover, based on multiple requests, we have developed a new service, so you and your family can prepare for your relocation beforehand (we call it PAS "Pre-Arrival Services"). Due to a shortage of information of what to expect in the United States, most frequently leads to failure. That is why we have created special PAS to prevent this from happening.

PAS can help you to:

  • Prepare for your move to the United States

  • Learn to Speak English Fluently like an American

  • Get your education, work experience and credentials recognized in America

  • Connect with employers to Find a Job, Prepare for Interview and Build your Resume

  • Find Housing and Transportation before your arrival

Besides "Pre-Arrival Services" we offer many other services throughout the United States!

Our services include but not limited:

- Get settled in your community

- Help filling out Forms and Applications

- Family Sponsorship

- Register yourself/your children in school

- All Types of U.S. visas

- Apply for Asylum, Green Card, Citizenship, etc.

- English Lessons

- Find an Interpreter/Translator

- Notary Services


All services are confidential!

If you have a special request of how we can help, please contact us and one of our team members will reply within 24 hours.

Our team is always eager to help in any way we can.

Simply said, We are here to Help who is in search of iNHelp!
So, lets get started!