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Move to USA from any Country 

1st Step : Choosing and Applying for the right Visa

 It is important to choose the right type of visa to the United States so that it matches the stated purpose of the visit to America as closely as possible. It should be borne in mind that applying for the wrong type of visa is one of the main reasons for denial. There are immigrant visas (for those who want to permanently reside in the United States) and nonimmigrant (for temporary stay in the United States). The most popular visas are nonimmigrant (tourist visas, business travel visas, work visas, student visas, etc.)

We will help you to choose the right visa

2d Step : Applying for an Interview in Embassy of your choice

The visa application form is one of the main documents in the process. An opinion about the applicant is formed even before his visit to the Embassy on the basis of the completed DS-160. It is important to provide the most complete and accurate information, avoiding mistakes and observing all the requirements for visa application forms of the Embassy. We will take care of it for you

3d StepPrepare for the Interview

It’s your best chance to fully prepare yourself and Pass the interview successful. Our company has special sources for it.  Interview preparation will also include: advices on your case for specific answers that could come up in your case, unlimited mock Interviews, overview of recommended documents to bring to the actual interview. Plus, you will get tips and advices from previous visa applicants for passing the interview

4th Step : We meet you at the USA airport!

 We will make sure that you are fully prepared to move to the United States. We will tell you all in details what to expect once you arrive, what questions will be asked by officer at the borer control. We will be there for you at the airport to make sure everything goes smooth. We will meet you and give you a lift to your housing! 

Ready in USA? Get Settled!

1st Step : Start Green Card or Citizenship process!

In order to live your full life in the United States and to get fully settled, you are to make sure to get a Green Card! Whether you have non-immigrant visa (such as travel or student visa) or immigrant-visa (such as fiancé visa or work visa) we will make sure to get Green Card for you, with us everything is possible! 

2d Step : Start a Business or Get Hired!

iNHelp services also include resume drawing up, SSN, EIN, ITIN, formation of LLC, Corporation, getting appropriate licenses and many other related services! We will get you started 

  • Choosing and Applying for the right Visa

  • Become a Refugee or an Asylee

  • Sponsorships

  • Language Barriers

  • Starting a Business

  • Employment Opportunities

  • Housing

  • Access to local services

  • Transportation Issues

  • Cultural Differences

  • Raising Children

  • Finding or Applying for School or Educational Institution, etc.




You are probably now getting a lot of advice on all types of visas and different immigration regimes from family, friends, colleagues and even bloggers. You are pondering, you have tons of options, conceptions and information, but not entirely sure which path is for all intents and purposes best Opportune for You?  We understand, hesitation at this point is normal since first steps definitely are always the most perplexed and stressful. All human beings are different, so the cases will always be individual. We treat every single immigrant as a separate identity and pay attention to you and only you. That is why our company is one of the most progressing and prosperous in immigration matters. Let us bring you to America.




It's no great surprise that language tops the list of issues facing immigrants to any country. Being able to communicate (or not) affects every area of life in which we have to interact with others. From jobs to schooling, to simply finding your way around or buying victuals, learning English is essential.

Our company offers lessons that are primarily aimed at expeditiously and efficaciously improving your communication skills so you can get on track quickly and to get you to work or school without delay. We will avail you to feel confident in the American environment.

Contact us to sign up for your fist lesson (Online or In-Person)


The next barrier that many new immigrants commonly cite when starting life in a new country is finding suitable employment or starting their own business.  However, not all employers will accept your work experience from abroad. This can be a catchy situation, which many immigrants find virtually impossible to break. With our company it's possible to find relevant work experience opportunities or to start the process of getting your business licenses and commercial space afore you enter the country.


A sizably voluminous priority for anybody relocating to a new area or country is to secure housing or getting a vehicle. Language barriers can be a big part of the problem for immigrants but lack of local knowledge or how the housing or vehicle market works in your new country can also lead to predicament.

Contact us to explore your options 


The type, range and quality of services available in your new country is likely to be different to that of your native country. Most immigrants admit that knowing what is available in the first place is a huge barrier.

Services which pose the biggest colossal hurdles include health care, legal advice, sponsorships as well as access to social services. Language can often be an underlying part of this quandary once again and, again, by contacting us it will make it easier to access all kinds of services in your new country. Remember, If language is an issue our interpreters are always glad to help you.


Parents always experience multiple issues when bringing their children to a new country:

Children are more likely to quickly immerse themselves in a new culture through their schools and parents may not be able to keep up with them. As a result young family members will begin to seem “foreign”. One of the common reason to migrate is to give children a better life and in order to achieve this, you will need to accept a level of integration for them. Our company will help you with American daily life, so that you can immerse on a par with your children.

Besides that issue, parents often dealing with schools, when a language barrier gets in the way, and helping kids with homework, our interpreters or English tutors are able to help with such tasks as well. 


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Immigrate to America:

  1. The Great American Dream

  2. America is Leading Country

  3. High Standard of Living

  4. Top-Notch Education

  5. Higher Incomes and Great Career Opportunities

  6. The Best Up to Date Science and Technology

  7. Strong Healthcare

  8.  Robust Economy

  9. Cultural Diversity

  10. Freedom to Travel